10 hotel tips for every traveler. Every Traveler wants a good hotel, Never underestimate the power of a good night's rest, especially while on vacation or a business trip. To ensure the best possible hotel stay with the least amount of worry. I will tell you 10 tips, these hotel tips helpful for your journey. 


Travel operators will request exceptional bundle bargains stacked with choices or limits for seniors, families or the military that may apply. They likewise comprehend your requirements and desires, so they will most likely pick the hotel that is best for you, in view of the luxuries and administrations it gives, alongside its nearness to the interstate, airplane terminal, eateries, and attractions. On the off chance that you Picking the correct hotel is a large portion of the fight. Most Indian will invest hours finding the ideal carrier ticket, yet just minutes to examine a lodging, frequently running with the least value alternative. While cost is an all-inclusive factor, recall that all hotels need a full house and take a stab at this objective consistently. To get the best arrangement, book ahead of schedule through a movement specialist and endeavor to be adaptable with your dates. a hotel that takes into account specialists shockingly will have the extraordinary end of the week rates, which they consider offseason.


It's as yet prudent to book through a movement specialist. On the off chance that you contact a lodging straightforwardly by on the web or travel specialists. Travel operators prescribe that it might pay to interface in an increasingly traditional manner - by telephone. When reserving a spot, affirm the cited rate and record the affirmation number and the name of the individual with whom you talked. Request that the booking expert recurrent him or herself, record the subtleties, and be clear about the kind of room you are getting if it's smoking or non-smoking, and what are the registration and checkout times. If no such number is accessible and you should call the inn specifically, make sure to bring toward the evening or night, for the mornings are wild occasions while visitors check out. When the room is held, report all lodging data and a full agenda to leave with a companion or Relatives in the event of crises. On the off chance that you book your room through a movement specialist, make duplicates of the reservation affirmation they give you, for it will plainly express the inn's data and your landing and takeoff dates. Have this affirmation data or a printout of your email reservation accessible when you register. Lodgings never purposefully lose or erroneously enter reservation data, yet it's dependably a smart thought to bring proof in the event that something goes wrong.


In the event that you are deferred in transit, call the inn and request to hold your booking until you arrive. Most lodging networks will hold an ordinary reservation until 6 p.m. For those arriving later in the night, request to ensure the booking with a charge card number. Indeed, even those pulling up after 12 pm with an ensured reservation will locate a comfortable bed pausing. Lodgings hold directly to drop reservations that are not ensured. So call the inn and request to hold your booking until you arrive


Despite the fact that losing a normal room due to over-booking or a lost reservation may come as a stun, don't give it a chance to get you down. Most HOTEL will help with curing the circumstance by exchanging you to a sister area, a related HOTEL adjacent. In the event that the lost reservation was ensured, at that point, the weight falls on the lodging to guarantee that your new room at the sister area is of equivalent or more prominent quality and at no extra expense. The inn should cover any transportation costs brought about by paying for a taxi or giving the utilization of their bus administration.
On the off chance that this politeness isn't expanded, at that point request to address a director or contact your movement operator to go about as your supporter.


As an esteemed customer, your fulfillment is essential. Inn staffs are completely prepared, working nonstop to address your issues. In any case, issues may emerge, for example, uncooperative neighbors, so know the chain of the importance of the lodging's client administration for a quick goal.
A fast call to your movement operator is dependably a decent initial step, for they talk the lodging language and comprehend sensible reparations for every issue. Through support and exhortation, travel specialists can mollify most circumstances, satisfying you and the inn. Remaining inside the lodging, the front work area representative is prepared to deal with issues without including the supervisor, so express your protest plainly and enable them to organize a cure. From overlooked toothbrushes to room migrations, front work area assistants offer the speediest and most direct help. On the off chance that your protest falls outside their ward, amiably request to see the supervisor. Administrators better comprehend the necessities of client reliability and have the expertise to offer visitors limits on present or future remains. On the off chance that nothing is settled with the supervisor, contact the lodging's client administration division. Make sure to record the names of the general population you talked with, the dates of your remain and the rates charged to help the administrator in helping you in the most capable limit.


When you enter the hotel, the hotel will need to usher you to your room as fast as could be expected under the circumstances, so have your affirmation data prepared and confirm that the rate charged is the rate initially cited. Know the correct registration time and make explicit inquiries about the region and the gave to staff. Demand a card with the lodging's name, address and phone data in the event that you get lost investigating the city.


Contingent upon your necessities, inquire as to whether the lodging offers or gives the accompanying:
Phone get to charges, Satellite TV, motion pictures or computer games, In-room sheltered, Complimentary suppers (generally breakfast), Hairdryers, In-room espresso producers, coolers or kitchenettes,Laundry administration or in-room pressing board and iron, Morning paper administration, Access to fax machine, copier or printer, Transport administration to airplane terminal or different focal points, Smaller than usual bar or refreshments, Satisfactory stopping. and so forth.
Lodgings frequently have a set number of web prepared rooms or hair dryers, so request explicit things amid a registration.


A great many people lodging security delicately. Wellbeing is a need for you and the lodging. From your vehicle to their bed, play it safe and don't leave anything to risk.
Once inside your room, lock your entryway with the deadbolt and the chain lock, and acquaint yourself with the flame exits posted on the back of the entryway. Try not to open the entryway for anybody except if you confirm the personality of the individual either through the peephole or verbally, regardless of whether you are expecting a companion or room administration.
Vehicle leaves in a sufficiently bright space close to the lodging passageway or your room and makes certain to bolt all entryways and keep resources in the storage compartment and far out. Whenever given the alternative, dependably request a stay with an inside passageway. At the front work area, ask that the chaperon compose your room number down with the goal that nobody can hear it, and rapidly take your key in the event that it has the room number imprinted on it.


Check the room altogether before abandoning, including drawers, storerooms and the restroom, particularly behind the shower blind and the back of the washroom entryway. 
Most lodgings have set up checkout times extending from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. In the event that you need extra time, ask for it ahead of time, or else you might be charged an extra night. Survey the bill to guarantee all charges are precise, and you got every single entitled credit and rebate. Get a receipt.


This advice depends on hotel facilities. I give you good service from hotel staff, you can give a tip. Hotel staff aspects you will give some tips for his good service. I think we should give a few tips.

I hope you have read "10 HOTEL TIPS FOR EVERY TRAVELER" with your full concentration, and I am sure you will give me the good comments to me, “travel the world“ I will publish interesting tips.




"AIRPORT TIPS FOR EVERY TRAVELER" Every person does travel. Travel time some problems automatic created. Everyone want to problems free journey. Here I talk about travel by airplane. When we travel by airplane, we are doing common mistakes, and then these mistakes create big problems.  Here I discuss a few common problems. these tips make your journey problems free."AIRPORT TIPS FOR EVERY TRAVELER"

Where is airport


First thing you know where is the airport, and how to reach their train, bus or taxi. how far away, how much time to reach there. you can use google app, you can ask travel advisor. this tip is very important for every traveler.

Take a screen short your boarding pass


when you are use tablet or mobile for boarding pass, take screen shortly. it will save you time. you can save in your important documents.

keep your boarding pass printout

I know we are living in the internet era. Mostly all airport provides free internet. you have mobile or tablets but sometimes you never know your mobile or tablets battery run out. then your printout boarding pass uses. so I advise you keep your boarding pass printout.

Skip check-in queue

Big airports are always extremely busy. every traveler wants to skip the check-in queue. but it is not possible so I tell you a simple trick maybe you will be using this. when you see check-in queue is so long, out the check-in queue and take coffee and read the book. when your flight announces. you go to the front of the queue. you will departure quickly because of there passengers through as a priority.

Remove all metal asesasry

When everything is going ok, suddenly security checkpoint alarm. we are shocked. and security again checking you. if you want to clear first-time security checking. some tips save your mind, we remove our watch, wallet, mobile but few pieces of jewelry do not remove like neckless, earring, bracelets, belts.

Set an alarm


when you cleared all security, sit in the departure lounge. some time we tired, we think to take some rest. before sleep set an alarm on your mobile. then you will wake on plan time and your plan will never miss.

Keep the kids entertainments

kids are bored quickly, so I advise you, you buy some kid's books, drawing books, some electronic gadgets. because kids want to play. if kids free they disturb other passengers. so keep them busy. buy kids entertainment things.

Get some work done

before departure you have some time, you buy your important things like shocks, hunky, books, etc. you can reply to your messages, emails. some people have done his pending works.

Look before you leave

every traveler doesn't want to forget anything at the airport. when you leave the cafe, book shop, or at the gate. everything checks again, look around make sure you have not forgotten behind.  I hope you have read "AIRPORT TIPS FOR EVERY TRAVELER" with your full concentration, and I am sure you will give me the good comments to me, “travel the world “ I will publish interesting tips.

Saint Petersburg Russia


Saint Petersburg Russia

One of the historical place Saint Petersburg, Russia. An experience like historical buildings, statues, ports, bridges, whether, and many more things. Russia's world's biggest country. Russia is an average budget country. Here we were 7 days stay. I will share my experience with you about Saint Petersburg Russia.
This city is known for the Tsar Peter Great. He is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ. He ruled over the whole of Russia till he meets the death in 1725. He is known for such a blessed person and with having good qualities of winning wars. Saint Petersburg is also known as the home city of President Vladimir Putin. This president works for the Leningrad branch for KGB. Later this president joined in the Mayor's office, but Peter is always at the number one in Russia in the eyes of the Russian people. Now I tell you the best and beautiful places to visit in Russia.

Saint Petersburg Get on the water

Get on the water city is built on the marshland of the river Neva with having lots of tributaries and canals cutting through the river..water is the main part of the city because the whole city is surrounded by the water. the classic skylines always make the visitors heart very touchable to this city.there are dozens of rivers cruises on large ferries or hydrofoils from the launch sports along the city river banks. But we recommend skipping the barge tour in the favor of the vessels- sailboats, canal barge, motorboats along the Moika river embankment. There are also the water taxi boats which is also known as the Aquabus which is designed by the commuters but this aqueous is open to all.

Saint Petersburg Eat Georgian 

Russian cities have a lot of Georgian restaurants. Russia's southern neighbor has cultural rich food. Georgian restaurant provides many meals around you. First try the fist juicy meat and soup dumpling, glistening egg and cheese bread, simmered stews and spicy sauce that's such like a taste of wine. Shinkle Kazbegi in the courtyard of the Golitsyn loft draws a younger, hipper crowd and khinkali Naya is the more interesting and the traditional place.

Saint Petersburg State Hermitage Museum.


This museum is one of the most beautiful and trending museums in Russia. This museum is best known for the art and culture .this museum is the second world's largest museum in the world. This museum is founded in 1764. Here the world's largest collections of paintings are kept by whole heartily. The gallery of Napoleonic warriors is fascinating and also has a rare place to sit in the gallery. this place has been open for the public people since 1852. This museum celebrates its anniversary every year on 7 December, Saint Catherine’s day. This museum has three million collections of items. this mesa m includes the largest collection of paintings in the world. These collections occupy a large complex of six historic buildings along the place embankments including the winter palace, a former residence of Russian emperors. This hermitage is federal property. Since July 1992, the director of the museum has been Mikhail Piotrovsky. The six-building of the museum is the main MUSEUM complex, five namely the winter palace, small hermitage, and Hermitage theatre are open to the public. This museum is closed every Monday. On the first Thursday of every month, entry is free.but the price of saving that the US $6.30 is a truly massive crowd. Here is the western art collection includes European paintings, sculpture and applied art from 13th to the 20th century.

Saint Petersburg Peterhof palace 

Peterhof Palace is also a very beautiful place to visit in this city .this place is also called “the Russian “Versailles” this place is the first place to be built outside of St. Petersburg. This complex is overlooking the Gulf of Finland and has several different sections, including the enormous park. this place is the main summer residence of Russian Tsars. The interiors are grand, as the name suggests in classic architecture and richly decorated .in the exterior palace there are many gilded domes and dozens of fountains, making Peterhof one of the most photogenic places in Saint Petersburg. During the summer season, this place is overall crowded at a place in Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg The church of the spilled blood

The church of the spilled blood is the main sight of Saint Petersburg, Russia. This is the Catholic Church of the Christians, and mainly known for the resurrection christ. this Catholic Church was constructed between 1883  and 1907 by the imperial family. this church is mainly located on the along the Griboedov canal. There is a paved road that runs along both sides of the canal. This church contains 7500 square meters of mosaics, according to its restores, more than any other church in the world. The interior church was designed by some of the famous celebrated Russian.including Viktor Kuznetsov, Mikhail Nesterov, and Mikhail. The walls and the ceilings inside the church are completely covered with mosaics .the main pictures are on walls of the church are of Biblical scenes. during the second world war this church is used as a morgue when many people were starving due to Siege of Leningrad by Nazi Germany military forces.after the war this church is used for the warehouse .this church nowadays is very attracted to the tourism in Saint Petersburg .this church  is very beautiful which is loveable by whole the people .


Saint Petersburg Visit Peter and Paul fort

Peter and Paul's fortress is the original citadel of St.petersburg, Russia, founded by Peter the Great in 1703.
In the early time, this fort was still used as a prison and execution ground by the bolshevik government. In nowadays this place has been the central and most important part of the state museum of Saint Petersburg history. This fort contains numerals notable buildings clustered around the Peter and Paul cathedral, which have 402ft bell tower { the tallest in the city} this cathedral is the burial place of all Russian tsars from Peter to Alexander 3. The other structure inside the fortress includes the still functioning Saint Petersburg mint building. These fort walls are overlooked sandy beaches that have become among the most popular in Saint Petersburg. In summers season the beach is often overcrowded, especially when the major sand festival takes place on the seashore. Today, Peters and Paul's fortress is for the most part under the auspices of the St.petersburg museum. This fortress is also known for the center of a number of urban traditions .the ground of the fortress is open from 6am to 10pm. All exhibitions are open daily except Wednesday.

Saint Petersburg Ballet dance at Mariinsky theatre.

If you go to Rome then u will see there a pope, if you go to the Saint Petersburg then you must watch the Mariinsky theatre of the ballot. This theatre is named after the Empress Maria Alexandrovna, wife of Tsar Alexander2. This theatre is a historic theatre of opera and ballet in Saint Petersburg, Russia .this theatre opened in 1860, it became the preeminent music theatre, in this theatre, many of the stage masterpieces of Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky, and Rimsky-Korsakov received their premieres. In early times this theatre was known as the Kirov Theatre. In 1988 the conductor Valery Gergiev has served as the theatre general director. The theatre name was changed throughout its history, reflecting the political climate of the time.
The opera company has entered a new era of artistic excellence and creativity. Since 1993, Gergiev’s impact on opera enormous. Firstly he reorganized the company operation and established links with many of the world’s great opera houses, including the royal opera house, Covent Garden, the metropolitan opera, the opera Bastille .in 2009 the Mariinsky theatre launched its own record label, managed by the same team that run the LSO live label in London .in this theatre there are lots of ballot dancers present un the theatre.

Saint Petersburg Tsarskoye Selo, the Catherine palace and park.

This is another Russian summer residence and my favorite place because I have to spend lots of time here. the Catherine palace and the park is one of must-see place for every tourist comping to St.petersburg.it doesn’t have any fountains like Peterhof but this complex is very impressive, and you can also see the famous Amber room.this is very beautiful park in the Saint Petersburg , I advised to the tourist if they came in the Petersburg then this park is must visit by them.this park is opened daily from 9pm to 10 am. after 7pm the entrance is free. the adult fee of the park is RUB 120, children under 16 years free 

Saint Petersburg The palace bridge 

I am quite sure that the bridge itself see anyway walking around the city but the bridge is must-see at the night time .because when the bridge gets opened for big ships to get to the city. Its not this bridge opened daily but all bridge over the Neva river get opened at night in summer season but the palace bridge is opened with lots of lights and with music, when this bridge opened then hundreds of people are watching this bridge .there are several wooden piers at the embankment from where you can capture your favorite photoshoot .there are several night boat tours on the Neva River that will take to the ride of the river .

Saint Petersburg Zoological museum 


St. Petersburg museum is a very impressive museum and museum be seen by all the tourists .this museum has a collection of over 17 million species, although only 500 thousand species can be displayed in the messier current in the 19th century .there is an exhibits range from enormous dinosaur mammoths and whale skeletons to stuffed animals and birds and unique collection of butterflies.rather the low tech and  old fashioned, future funding projects hope to liven up the museum with more interactive displays and multimedia presentations .the museum developed from the original zoological collection of the kunstkammer which was established in 1838 and opened pr the public in 1838. In nowadays this museum building blends beautifully with the architectural ensemble of the streak of st.petersburg. This museum is must be seen by visitors.

My views

I hope you have enjoyed this whole visiting places by reading. Saint Petersburg Russia and I hope you will give me good comments to me. next time " Travel The world" presents you with the other visiting place for the visitors.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) city of Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) city of Dubai

The city of Dubai, due to its efforts and the continuous attractions, is undoubtedly the most popular holiday among Indian tourists today. Today, as many Indians who travel to Dubai in Dubai holiday packages, hardly any other country or city will travel. You can guess this by 40-45 flights from Indian cities which would take Indian passengers to Dubai daily. Its mesmerizing skylines, a mix of tradition and modernity, and a multifaceted culture glimpsed from every corner make Dubai a new standard of prosperity.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the highest building in the world, located in the city of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is a 163-story building touching the sky. The triple-lobed footprint in Burj Khalifa architecture is a beautiful depiction of a hemerocallis flower.  The tower has a Y-shaped structure. It took 1325 days from the start of excavation to the construction period. The external cladding of the Burj Khalifa began in May 2007 and was completed in September 2009. To roam Burj Khalifa from inside you have to pay an entry fee. You can also book online and offline to visit Burj Khalifa. If we talk about the price of the ticket, then it is determined at the time you roam and on how many floors you want to roam. Burj Khalifa has 58 lifts. Burj Khalifa has 2957 parking spaces and 900 apartments and 304 hotels. Initially, Burj Khalifa was known as Burj Dubai.

Miracle Garden

Miracle Garden is located in the United Arab Emirates in the Dubai Land of the District of Dubai, it is a beautiful flower garden. This flower garden was inaugurated on the day of 2013 Valentine's Day. This natural flower garden is spread over 72000 square, in which thousands of types of flowers are collected from all over the world.

Dubai Mall 

Dazzling, this shopping mall - Dubai Mall is a special place from where you can easily visit Burj Khalifa and Dubai Fountain, the world's highest building, it is the center of small big events and shopping in Dubai and here in your journey You cannot leave, many people consider this shopping mall as the biggest attraction of Dubai.


There are innumerable shopping malls in Dubai, but if you want to buy gold and you have not dried gold yet, then definitely go here today. There is a huge gold market located in Gold Souk Dera, in which you will find 300 shops selling gold. The biggest attraction of buying gold in Dubai is the purity of gold here and the design of the whole world to meet under one roof.

Desert Safari

The biggest attraction of your Dubai trip is 'Desert Safari'. This car will also be different (4 × 4 car) because leaving the hotel and leaving Dubai behind, you will go into the desert of Dubai, where there is only sand far and wide. This tour includes the expert driver in the Desert of Dubai, on the hills of the Desert of Gadi, you will also be taken to a Camel Farm, you will see the sunset in the Desert and then you will reach the Desert Camp where you can eat, drink and great entertainment. Arrangements are made.

Dhao Cruise Dubai creek

Dubai Creek is a natural water source which beautifully divides the city of Dubai into two parts, today we know it as New and Old Dubai, on one side is Dera Dubai and on the other side is Dubai. On both sides, you will see how Dubai has progressed over time. How can you see it? Take a cruise. A nearly 2-hour ride of Dhao Cruise will provide an excellent view of the markets built on both sides of Dubai Creek, as well as all Dhao Cruises entertain you with a program of tandoor dance and have a great meal together.

Dubai maria cruise

Composed of a combination of sparkling buildings and water canals, this brand new area of Dubai is a big attraction to date. In the same way, as you cruise in Dubai Creek, you can also cruise in Dubai Marina. Apart from this, if you want to ride the state-of-the-art yacht then it is also easily available.

 The Dubai fountain

An unrivaled combination of light, water fountains, water dance, music, this Dubai dancing fountain show, which starts every evening and lasts till night, is absolutely free for you if you are thinking of going to Dubai Mall or Burj Khalifa. If you are, then there is no need to think about it separately.
This Dubai show takes place in Burj Khalifa as well as the water lake. This great show designed by the same designer who designed the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.

Dubai Museum

The rulers of Dubai established it in 1971, the intention was to make people aware of the traditional lifestyle of the region and to cherish the art there. Here you will find items stored which are also of 3000 BC. In this museum, you will also get an idea of what Dubai used to look like in the old days. (This was not at all what you see today) This museum is called the National Museum of Dubai, and it is the most special museum in Dubai.

Burj Al Arab

When Burj Al Arab was inaugurated in Dubai in 1999, the hotel described it as the world's first seven-star hotel (although there is no seven-star category in reality). It is a building that looks like a boat, which was first built on an island over the sea.
In any scale of luxury, you will not find any other example of this hotel or the services offered in this hotel in the whole world. It is an important attraction of Dubai city and Jumeirah beach. But remember, if you want to see it from inside, then you will either have to book a room in it or you will have to book a meal in a restaurant. This hotel does not allow visitors to enter to maintain its quality.

Thousands of rupees of fraud

there is a lot of strictness about traffic here. Any driver is afraid to break the rules. According to Indian tradition, there is no concept of 'policeman' to hold green or yellow notes and move forward. The police are nowhere to be seen, cameras are installed everywhere. Photographs of the place where the rules were broken, with time, his invoice of the mistake reaches your home. At the end of the year, it is necessary to fill all such invoices, otherwise, no NOC is available to drive the vehicle. This challan amount is not in a few rupees but reaches the salary of middle-class people for several months.

Atlantis The Palm

Atlantis, The Palm is a man-made island located in the Arabian Gulf, the world-famous resort and five-star hotel. This is the biggest attraction in today's date of the Dubai holidays. It is not only attractive for a living but also its architecture, entertainment attractions present here like Aqua Venture Park Water Park, The Lost City, etc. are very famous. Here you can also go with Dolphin. Remember, for good prices and booking, you will have to book in advance because it is in great demand.

Jumeira Beach 

Far covered with white sea sand, Jumeira Beach, located in the heart of Dubai city, is Dubai's most famous and well-known beach. Along the Jumeria coast is Jumeria road where you will find many famous hotels, resorts, and wealthy residential villas. You must have heard some famous names like Wild Wadi Waterpark, Burj Al Arab Hotel, Jumeirah Beach Resort, Madinat Jumeira on the lines of old houses, etc. All these got the Jumeria coast of Dubai to become an important attraction of Dubai, where most tourists own one Definitely go to spend the evening.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of 'United Arab Emirates' and is located one and a half hours away from Dubai. In the last few years, Abu Dhabi has also emerged as an attractive city and today any trip to Dubai is not complete without going here. This very beautiful city has many new attractions which are world-famous.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World is located in Yas Island (island), famous in Abu Dhabi, this very famous theme park which is built on the theme of Ferrari, the world's best and fastest car means speed or speed. Here you will get a chance to ride the world's fastest ride. You can spend a full day in this theme park comfortably.

Yas Island

Yas Island was the most ambitious project of Abu Dhabi which started in 2007 with the aim to promote tourism in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It was completed like a very effective plan and soon after this Abu Dhabi was considered an important place for tourism. It became so popular with entertainment, sports, shopping, etc. that today no trip to Dubai or the United Arab Emirates is complete without going here. There are many hotels and resorts, parks, Formula 1 track, Ferrari World theme park, golf course, waterpark, and shopping, apart from everything you need in the holidays.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is counted among the most beautiful mosques in the world, many of the things used in this mosque make a record in the world such as its architecture, the world's largest carpet kept in it, the very beautiful chandeliers made in Germany, etc. This project also proved to be very successful in bringing Abu Dhabi to the top in terms of tourism and in today's date it is the most important tourist attraction of Abu Dhabi, welcome everyone here in your trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi Will definitely goes.

My view

I hope you have enjoyed this whole visiting places by reading. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) city of Dubai and I hope you will give me good comments to me. next time " travel the world" presents you with the other visiting place for the visitors.

Malaysia, Kuala Lumper top places to visit.

Kuala Lumper top places to visit.

Kuala lumper is the capital of Malaysia, Its modern town and has the twin dominant towers at the height of 451m which is know for the name Petronas. These towers are having pairs of steel clads and glasses. These towers are also known for the public bridge. the city is also the home to the British colonial -era landmarks of the Kuala lumper railway station and the Sultan Abdul Samad building. now I will tell you some interesting places to visit in the Kuala lumper.

Kuala Lumper Petronas tower

This city is also known for the twin's towers. It is hailed for the Twins Jewel of Kuala lumper. The 88 story and the chrome and the steel towers are joined at the 41st and 42nd floury 58 meters long double-decker sky bridge, these towers are located near the Concorde hotel monorail stop, in between the Jalan Ampang and Jalan Raja Chulan. The number of offices is located in these towers including sapurauOMV upstream inc, Huawei technologies, Aveva, Carrigaline Hess, Microsoft. Both towers have luxury goods and high street labels. Thesis towers include the art gallery an underwater aquarium and one science center. Suria KLCC shopping mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia. So these towers are very attracted to the tourists who visited here.


Kuala Lumper China town 

China town his one of the crowded places in the Kuala limper in Malaysia .this is well known for the bargain hunter paradise. This is the type of bazar which never sleeps and open almost every day here all the oriental culture are deeply immersed with heritage and history. It is a very popular tourist place in Malaysia. At night its main marketing area, pedaling street, transforms it into a lively and vibrant night market .here all the goods are sold at the very low prices for the good things. Here all the stalls sell most of the merchandise things.here in this shopping town most of the things are also fake branded things. here near about this china town lots of temples are built from centuries .china town practically has the Chinese food stalls and hawks.everywhere you look you will see the Chinese stalls that greet your eyes. These china towns are open all over the day and not be closed at late night also .the night view in the china town is very eyes attracting view because its not all about its league and also not sabot its rows, clubs, pubs and bar offering  music and alcohol entertainment .the colors of lights are very vibrant at night . So I advised the tourist if they are in the Kuala lumper then must visit this china town.

Kuala Lumper Batu craves 

Batu caves are one of the most tourists attractions in the Kuala lumpers, it is most frequented tourists attraction, it is a limestone hill which comprises three major caves and a number of smaller one .this caves is located 11 km away from the Kuala lumper, this is 100-year-old temple features idols and statues. This cave is the focal point of the annual Hindu festivals Thaipusam, which attracts thousands of devotees and visitors to itself. Here many of the disciples carry their offerings containers of milk- to the lord, Muruga on large, brightly decorated “kavadis”kavadis are the two huge semicircular ornate pieces of wood or steel which are bent and attached to a cross structure that can be balanced on the shoulders.

Kuala Lumper Menara KL tower-A Rapunzel tower

Menara KL Tower is a prominent Kuala lumper tourist spot in Malaysia. This tower is at the height of 421 m height this tower is the highest deck in Malaysia. This tower view is so beautiful looking, the spectacular view and prime location of Menara Kl tower are heart touchable of the tourists. This tower whole is surrounded by the age-old trees and Fauna which are indigenous to Malaysia. The architectural style represents the vibrant Islamic heritage and the perfection of human life. The walls of the tower are dotted by Islamic tiles, Arabic scriptures, and abstract patterns. There is a revolving restaurant on the crown. This restaurant is known to be the Hailed classiest eat out place in Malaysia .this tower also offers boasts of an amphitheater, a couple of cascading pools, several fast-food restaurants and so many more things to see able here. Here each year races are held annually, where participants race up the stairs to the top from the bottom. This tower is the highest viewpoint in Kuala lumper in Malaysia. Kuala lumper tower is a member of the "WORLD FEDERATION OG GREAT TOWERS," which is utilized by the several organizations for various broadcasting purposes. This tower now broadcast now free-to-air
Terrestrial television stations that use the tower’s antenna include. this tower is also the seventh tallest telecommunication tower in the world. The tourist every year visit here to enjoy the 360-degree view of the city. The life takes only 55 seconds to go the observation deck and takes 52 seconds to come down. This place is very attracted by the tourists.

Kuala Lumper Sunway lagoon theme park

 Sunway lagoon theme park is heaven for kids and adults, alike. This park is full of fun-filled and thrilling activities and rides, the theme park comes very high on the list of best tourists places to visit in Kuala lumper. This park is opened to the public with two park attractions, the water park and the dry park. The first park to be introduced in the park and it features waters of Africa with 13 attractions and surf beach with 9 attractions. The water in Africa has two water playground areas for young children and little Zimbabwe. other waters rides include Cameroon climb, African python, Congo challenge, Vuvuzela, and waterplex 5d.
This theme park has one more park that is scream park, this park is designed strictly for ages above 7 years old,  provides 4 interactive scare experience by using audio, visual effect and live actors. The four scare attractions are Pontianak theatre of fear, horror wood studios, zombie apocalypse.
There is also an amusement park, extreme park, and wildlife park, the wildlife park is an interactive and educational zoo with exotic, small and friendly animals from a range of birds, reptiles, and mammals. The wildlife park is home to more than 140 species, with the pygmy marmoset and white lions among its latest additions. In 2011 this park is awarded as the top 3 international water park for the year 2011 by sanely wood aquatics international. This park is very greenery and beautifully maintained and is loveable by the tourists.

Kuala Lumper Aquaria KLCC- A day with the sharks

This big Aquarium is located in the Kuala lumper convention center, Aquaria KLCC is an extensive oceanarium in Malaysia. This is one of the most interesting Kuala lumper attractions. In this big Aquarium, there are 150 species of aquatic fauna, this  5,000 square feet aquarium is one of the best places to visit in Kuala lumper. Cute and deadly marine creatures like a piranha, arapaima, grouper, garfish, elephant nosed fish, electrical eel, giant catfish, tiger shark, seahorse, blue rays, sea snakes and other decorate the see-through aquarium. This Aquarium has the Amazonian forests and DNA live tanks.  This spot is also the best place for visitors.

Pavilion Kuala lumper mall 

Pavilion Kuala lumper mall is the shopping center situated in the Bukit Bintang district in Kuala lumper, Malaysia. This mall was open to the public on 20 September 2007. This pavilion Kuala lumper consists of eight shopping precincts and a row of street-front boutiques. There is central market shopping which is dedicated to arts and crafts. It sells a multitude of colorful batiks, the traditional dressing of the ethnic Malay Malaysians and other souvenirs.in this pavilion mall there are 7 pavilion shopping centers, 10 pavilions elite, and 3 basements. In the pavilion elite the retail expansion of pavilion KL and built adjacent to the center. Here all the types of things for shoppings are totally branded and high rate prices. This mall is very attracted to tourists.

Kuala Lumper Thean Hou temple 

The Hou temple is a very beautiful place, this place will find a little bit of china in Kuala lumper. Since this temple is one of the largest Chinese temples in Southeast Asia. This temple was opened in 1989 by Malaysia’s Chinese community.this temple is a very popular spot for taking wedding photos, this temple has marriage registration office with about 5,000 couples a year choosing to get married here. This syncretic temple with elements of Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism is a grandiose structure combination of modern architectural techniques and authentic traditional design featuring posing pillars, spectral roofs, ornate carvings and intricate embellishments. Its grand architecture made this place one of the best tourist places. There is one prayer house of one deity of a goddess. The alter on the right is dedicated to guan yin, the goddess of mercy.

City Gallery Kuala lumper 


City Gallery is a very beautiful place in the Kuala lumper, this gallery is the award-winning center owned by the ARCH tells the story of Kuala lumpers past, present, feature through miniatures. This gallery is located near the Dataran Merdeka .the highlight here is the spectacular city model show, this is the largest and the first such kind in Malaysia. Kuala lumper city gallery is a must stop for everyone who wants to experience 360 degrees of Kuala lumper, it serves as a tourists information center, where visitors can get a free copy of the Kuala lumper walks and tour map and learn about old Kuala lumper through prints, photos, and architecture miniature models. The ionic I love KL structure, created with a passion for the city, this logo is a bit hit among the visitors who pose on it for the photoshoots. this gallery opens at 9am and close 6:30 pm daily. Here visitor gets all the facilities like an information center, free KL map, cafe, gifts shop, sitting areas, restrooms, postcard postal services, online taxing booking, and security.

Kuala Lumper Sultan Abdul Samad building 

Sultan Abdul Samad Building is among Kuala lumper is the earliest Moorish-style buildings. It is set to the east of Merdeka Square and the Royal Selangor Club. This building was built in 1897 and was named after the reigning sultan of Selangor at the time. This building is the home of the ministry information, communications, and culture of Malaysia and sits beside the old KL railway station. Though nowadays this place is no longer for official purposes, it remains one of the most important tourist attraction in Kuala lumper and also the historical landmarks in the city.behind the Sultan Abdul Samad building you find the confluence of the Klang River and Gombak river as well as Masjid Jamek. This building serves as the backdrop for important events such as the national day parade on 31 august and the ushering in of the new year.


I hope you have enjoyed this whole visiting places by reading."Kuala Lumper Malaysia" and I hope you will give me good comments to me. next time " Travel The World" presents you with the other visiting place for the visitors.

Rainy Day Street Coffee

Rainy Day Street Coffee 


Many people don't like tea-coffee. Still, a huge crowd is their who like tea-coffee. When it is a cold day and outside is raining, everyone thinks of taking some kind of warm and hot beverage. Now, during September-October month, in India north side rainy season, after this winter is coming. Let me share some thoughts about  Faridkot city which is a part of Punjab state. This is a historical place which is 800 years old fort (private property) many places to visit here like clock tower, Sikh temple (Baba Farid) Darbar Ganj, Civil Court, many other popular places you will visit here. This is one of the developing city. Here you will find very good restaurants, coffee shops, market, ice cream parlors, etc.

In the evening we usually decide to take a coffee here. Many coffee shops are available here but we search for a local coffee corner. We have tasted brand coffee here and it seems to look like a brand coffee shop. We have ordered two coffee and veg sandwich. Its taste was very yummy and mouthwatering. As it was raining outside rain one likes to have hot coffee. When one thinks about this scene, how wonderful time it was and memorable.

Tila Baba Sheikh Farid Ji

Tila baba SheikhFaridd Ji is the famous gurudwara in Faridkot district. this gurudwara is named after the oldest Sufi Saint Baba Sheikh Farid Ji. it comes to know that babaFarid Ji spend much time by living here .this gurudwara had the one wooden tree which is from the time of Babar Sheikh Farid Ji. this tree is also present in nowadays. here under the tree baba Ji do the Bhagti of 40 days. this place is a very calm and peaceful place. this place is located near the Quila a Mubarak. here every day the langer is ready every time. the poor people get daily to eat langer. here on an everyday lot of locals and travelers visit this peaceful place. here one come fell very Relaxful and take many worships. on the day of Thursday here lot of crowded is set up and many people came toGurudwaraa. on Thursday every people get the Parshad of the shaker. in the memory of Baba Farid Ji here on the September 23, there is the big fair (Mela). this fair is of 4 days and people visit in one day near about 5000 people.here in this gurudwara people gave the Chdawa of salt and oils.and other things. once you came to Faridkot, then I advise you to come here especially.

Gurudwara Godri Sahib.

Gurudwara GodriSahibb is also the oldest and religious place in Faridkot. this gurudwara is 4 km away from the Tila baba Farid ji.this  gurudwara is also made in the memory of baba Sheik FaridJii. here on Tuesday and Thursday, many devotees came to gurudwara to take a dip in the pavitar sarover. this gurudwara is located on the main highway of Faridkot on Kotkpura road. in this place baba, Farid Ji spent times in the 12th century. this place has the purity of touch where you feel yourself
like that we are in the house of the god.this place is very crowded on the September month on the day near the Farid Ji Mela (fair) this whole place is very beautifully decorated and one who came here will never forget the experience. here also every time the Langeris ready every time. my experience is very outstanding I also suggested you to came here once in your life and visit this peaceful

Shahi Haveli

shahi haveli is an awesome place to visit in Faridkot. this is located near the Delhi international school and gurudwara Godri Sahib. this place is the place to visit with family members and with best friends to enjoy . do not go by the name, its shape is like of haveli. this place is on the main highway road. this place has lots of swings and slides for kids in outdoor. this place has the outfitting place for the fast food stalls. the food which gets to the people is amazing. this is the hygienic hotel and here the breakfast which everyone gets in the open air atmosphere.  this hotel has a huge child playing area. this hotel gives free internet services. here all the enjoyment we get like, a bar, one party hall, wedding hall, and a restaurant. guest can have a variety of cuisines in the house restaurant. here car rental services are also available. shahi hotel provides 24 hours room services, laundry, medical services, security and banquet hall is available. people believe that hotel shahi haveli has power backup facility.this is very beautiful places to visit in Faridkot hotel. this hotel on republic day and independence day here 30% off on room booking. this place is also best for the photo shooting.

 Rest house (Darbar Ganj)

This is a famous place and we can also say that it is a park also. this is a memorable and pleasant place to visit. this place is also known as the place for a park. this place is very greenery with the environment and here many types of different trees species are also to be seen. this place has many facilities.like here is the free gym for the people. in the morning and evening time, many people came for Jogas, exercise, and jogging. this place is very crowded. by the children. senior citizens also came to this place for enjoying time and playing the play cards among there friends. here for the children, there are many playthings. on Sunday many youth boys came here to play cricket in the cricket ground. many singers live occasion are also been held on the Baba Farid Ji fair. the rest house is also the residence of the district deputy commissioner. this place is must be visited by the children.

 Hockey Stadium 


The hockey stadium in Barjindra college is one of the newly made Stadium. this college has the sprawling campus with a large open space for hockey playing fields. this hockey stadium is in the area of 6 acres. this hockey stadium is well equipped with all moderns facilities. and have the sitting capacity of 2700 people sitting arrangement. in this stadium there is a changing room, entrance foyers, washrooms, and offices etc, with this stadium is one of the best Stadium in Punjab. this stadium is located near the district Nehru stadium. this stadium is very overcrowded on the days near the fair of Baba Farid Ji. because many competitions are held for hockey and many players from the hockey team from the other part of Punjab also takes place. this stadium gets the many facilities from the government.

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