"AIRPORT TIPS FOR EVERY TRAVELER" Every person does travel. Travel time some problems automatic created. Everyone want to problems free journey. Here I talk about travel by airplane. When we travel by airplane, we are doing common mistakes, and then these mistakes create big problems.  Here I discuss a few common problems. these tips make your journey problems free."AIRPORT TIPS FOR EVERY TRAVELER"

Where is airport

First thing you know where is the airport, and how to reach their train, bus or taxi. how far away, how much time to reach there. you can use google app, you can ask travel advisor. this tip is very important for every traveler.

Take a screen short your boarding pass

when you are use tablet or mobile for boarding pass, take screen shortly. it will save you time. you can save in your important documents.

keep your boarding pass printout

I know we are living in the internet era. Mostly all airport provides free internet. you have mobile or tablets but sometimes you never know your mobile or tablets battery run out. then your printout boarding pass uses. so I advise you keep your boarding pass printout.

Skip check-in queue

Big airports are always extremely busy. every traveler wants to skip the check-in queue. but it is not possible so I tell you a simple trick maybe you will be using this. when you see check-in queue is so long, out the check-in queue and take coffee and read the book. when your flight announces. you go to the front of the queue. you will departure quickly because of there passengers through as a priority.

Remove all metal asesasry

When everything is going ok, suddenly security checkpoint alarm. we are shocked. and security again checking you. if you want to clear first-time security checking. some tips save your mind, we remove our watch, wallet, mobile but few pieces of jewelry do not remove like neckless, earring, bracelets, belts.

Set an alarm

when you cleared all security, sit in the departure lounge. some time we tired, we think to take some rest. before sleep set an alarm on your mobile. then you will wake on plan time and your plan will never miss.

Keep the kids entertainments

kids are bored quickly, so I advise you, you buy some kid's books, drawing books, some electronic gadgets. because kids want to play. if kids free they disturb other passengers. so keep them busy. buy kids entertainment things.

Get some work done

before departure you have some time, you buy your important things like shocks, hunky, books, etc. you can reply to your messages, emails. some people have done his pending works.

Look before you leave

every traveler doesn't want to forget anything at the airport. when you leave the cafe, book shop, or at the gate. everything checks again, look around make sure you have not forgotten behind.  I hope you have read "AIRPORT TIPS FOR EVERY TRAVELER" with your full concentration, and I am sure you will give me the good comments to me, “travel the world “ I will publish interesting tips.

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